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The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is designed to help you and your family. Necessary medical or educational services could be provided to your spouse, children, or other dependents when you’re enrolled. Contact the agencies below to find out more.


family support

EFMP-Family Support

Family Support plays a critical role in helping families navigate the identification, enrollment, and coordination processes. We are also here to connect families with resources and support, helping you to become your own best advocate! We provide classes, briefings, & fun activities for families to meet each other and bond while stationed at Edwards!

Contact: 661-277-0723
Monday – Friday / 0730 to 1630

Special Needs

EFMP-Special Needs Coordinator

The SNC oversees and manages the Exceptional Family Member Program Medical component. The SNC establishes and maintains procedures to identify family members with special medical and educational needs in a timely manner. The SNC uses a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach with other key service providers, such as installation youth and childcare facilities, and officer and enlisted spouse groups, to ensure effective outreach and identification of special needs. The SNC also ensures AF sponsors assigned to the installation, or whose personnel functions are handled at the installation, is Q coded, regardless of the location of family members.

Contact: 661-277-5925 or scott.a.couper.ctr@mail.mil
Monday – Friday / 0800 to 1630


EFMP-Military Personnel Flight

EFMP-Military Personnel Flight
The Military Personnel Flight assists EFMP families through the permanent change of station process. We counsel members on EFMP screening and out-processing requirements. We also generate PCS orders and amendments. The Career Development section is the focal point for all relocation actions.

Contact: 661-277-4281 option 2
Monday – Friday / 0900 to 1500

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