The vRED is the document that the military relies on in the event they have to notify your family if you go missing in action or are killed. If the names and addresses on that document are not current, there may be delays in notification, or worse yet, the wrong people may be notified, and causing your family unnecessary pain during what will be an already trying time.

Updating a vRED takes about five minutes for returning users or 10 minutes for new users. The form is easy, online, and can be done 24 hours a day. All you need to do is access the Air Force Portal website, select Virtual MPF, select “Record of Emergency Data,” and complete the form and submit.



SGLI forms allow Airmen to designate one or more beneficiaries of their life insurance in the event of death. Major life events – such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child and deaths of family members – may change who an Airman wishes to designate as a beneficiary. If an Airman experiences a major life event, fails to update his or her SGLI and dies, the SGLI form controls who receives the SGLI payment upon death. Similar to the vRED, a will or estate planning document cannot determine the beneficiary of SGLI. Only the official SGLI form filled out and signed at the MPS determines the SGLI beneficiary.

To update the SGLI, go to



PCS Assignments
Retirements & Separations



Base Inprocessing
CAC Card Processing



Administrative Actions



Walk-ins are welcomed and will be served on a first come, first serve basis however appointments are recommended and take priority.

To avoid an excessive wait, please schedule an appointment.

Please review the below information on available processes and required documentation to help expedite your visit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CAC/DEERS office

CAC Issue Guidance


Accepted Documentation
DoD Policy: All documents orig/cert true from the issuing agency; 2 Valid Forms of ID from the I-9 Form


DEERS ID Requirements
All personnel must have two valid Fed/Gov’t/State(unexpired) forms of ID, one must contain a photo. This applies to AD/Res/Dep 21+/Contractors/Civil Service.


Cancel/Reschedule Appointment
Customers will need to know their confirmation number to cancel/reschedule an appointment. Please keep a copy of your appointment confirmation page. If more than ten minutes late for your appointment you will be


Adding A Child (Parents Married)
Child’s Certificate of Live birth (expires 60 days after birth) or Birth Certificate and Social Security card. Must present original SSN card within 90 days of birth.


Adding a Child (For Unmarried Male)
Either Court Order verifying the Sponsor is the Father of the Child or a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (VAP)(Picked up at any hospital), Cert of Live Birth (up to 60 days) or Birth Cert and SSN card. See VAP.


Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAP)
Only Sponsor can enroll the child. Medical starts the day the VAP is presented. VAP must be signed by mother. Sponsor must sign in front of Notary (DoD Policy). No exceptions.


Adding a Step-Child
Present: Marriage Certificate (even if presented before), Child’s Birth Certificate and SSN card.


Full Time College Students (Age 21-23)
Present: Letter from Registrar or web enrollment form ( full-time status at an accredited school, in pursuit of an Associate Degree or higher. Must be dependent on the Member for 50% or more support.


If you’re about to Retire, present your Retirement order and 2 Valid unexpired forms of ID. If you are Retired and your medical on the back of the ID card is about to expire, bring your recently issued Medicare card in order to update.


Res Retirees Turning 60 Years of Age (Gray Area)
Present: 20 Year Letter dated recent of your 60th Birthday. The letter must state you are Approved for Retired Pay.


Tricare Young Adult
Sign up with your local Tricare Contractor, once your medical card has been received in the mail you can bring your dependent in for their ID card.


Lost/Stolen ID Card
Military/Civilian/Contractor Member
Customers whose CAC is lost/stolen will need a letter from their Command Sponsoring Agency (First Shirt, Base Security, Military Police) which states the CAC has been reported lost/stolen prior to receiving a new CAC and two forms of ID from the I9 form.

Family Member/Dependents
MP/Police Report/Statement describing the date, place and circumstances of the loss or theft. Sponsor must be present or Family member must have an original unexpired Power of Attorney.


100% Rated Disabled Veterans
Present: DD Form 214, Birth Cert, SSN card & Letter stating member is rated 100% disabled and eligible for Commissary/Exchange/MWR. Adding spouse, see section below and bring all appropriate documents.


Dependent ID Cards
A DD FORM 1172 is required for all dependent ID cards. The sponsor may sign one in the DEERS Office or go to to digitally sign the DD Form 1172. In lieu of the above, a Power of Attorney is acceptable.


Adding a Spouse
Documents required: ALL ORIGINAL: Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate of spouse, social security card, driver’s license or state ID. If previously married, original divorce document is required. For foreign spouses, please call for information.