Equipment Rentals


Equipment rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. Large equipment, such as trailers, bouncy castles, grills, dunk booths, etc. can be reserved up to 30 days in advance. To make a reservation a minimum of 1 day rental fee will be charged at the time of the reservation to hold the equipment. Failure to pick up a reservation or a cancellation less than 72 hours in advance will NOT be refunded. ODR is not responsible if equipment is not used due to weather conditions or other circumstance that prevent a customer from being able to use the equipment. Late fees will be added if equipment is returned past the return time (Noon Monday – Saturday, 1 pm on Sunday).

Thoroughly inspect each item before leaving the Equipment Check-Out Center. If the condition of the equipment does not meet your satisfaction, simply ask any member of the ODR Equipment Check-Out Center to replace it with a like item or have the receipt annotated to indicate any damage noted. It will be assumed that all items rented are undamaged and in serviceable condition unless noted on the rental receipt. Damage or loss of any item will be charged against the user for the cost to repair or replace the item. All equipment must be returned in its pre-rental condition, i.e. tents will be completely dry and clean both inside and out, grills and pig roasters must be cleaned thoroughly and all grease, ashes and food particles removed, water jugs and ice coolers must be dry and clean inside and out. The travel trailers (casita and fun runner) require the renter to empty and flush the holding tank prior to return to the Equipment Check-Out Center. The renter is also responsible for ensuring that the inside of the Travel Trailers has been vacuumed and cleaned prior to check-in.

Sporting goods, outdoor equipment, trailers and RV’s, gardening equipment, skis and boards, party/event equipment.

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