Airman & Family Readiness 277-0723

Related upcoming events

  • 2017/06/27 10:00 am - 2017/06/27 11:00 am

    This workshop is designed to educate and familiarize all
    retiring Air Force members with the SBP. A face to face
    meeting with an SBP counselor, and an election must be
    accomplished before retirement. Spouses are welcome
    and encouraged to attend.

  • 2017/06/28 8:30 am - 2017/06/28 11:00 am

    This is a prerequisite for the 5-day Transition Assistance Program. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend

  • 2017/06/28 2:00 pm - 2017/06/28 3:00 pm

    Edwards “Plan My Move” seminar will assist you in ensuring you select the proper path for a successful PCS, whether it be planning for an OCONUS or CONUS move.

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