Is there a centralized website that parents can go to check the status of ongoing projects that affect the kids (i.e. the roofing project – kids cannot play outside)? As well as to get a heads up ahead of time for upcoming changes/projects (i.e. meal plan changes, alert about the roofing project before it starts, etc.)?

No, however we are working on developing email list to send out messages to parents. In addition, all programs should will be sending monthly newsletters for updates regarding their children.

Can staff that have kids enrolled in the program also be part of the parent advisory board? Or is it a conflict of interest?

Staff can be part of the parent advisory board if they are off duty and not in a management position.

Explain what/who the new facility across from the CDC is for?

The facility across the street is owned by Corvias and is provided for the housing residence only.

Where can parents go to find out about upcoming sports, programs, etc.?

Within the SABRE magazine which comes out quarterly and can be found at any FSS facility, on the website or in the Daily Blast email. We are also currently working on setting up a texting service which parents will be able to sign up for information on specific Youth and Child Programs, sports and events. The best venue however is the Youth Center.

What are we doing to increase participation in youth sports?

Youth Programs will be setting up tables at AAFES and the Commissary before each sports season to advertise the upcoming season as well as the need for coaches. The website is also being updated to include more information on each sports program being offered, dates and contact information.

Is there any reciprocity with SFS or AD background/clearance checks we already have completed (i.e. volunteer coach with a TS clearance on base)?

No, the Air Force and Child and Youth Programs have very specific background checks and requirements therefore not allowing for such reciprocity.

Why are membership fees so high compared to other CONUS bases?

Although we call the program at the Youth Center “Open Recreation” it is actually a Before and After School program for 9-12 year olds. At most bases the open rec program operates on a much more limited basis not opening until an hour after school lets out and is minimally manned. Due to the large number of children that attend school on base but do not live on base and commute with their parents to and from work each day Edwards created a program that opens as soon as school is out and is staffed to provide a variety of educational and recreational programs. By calling it “Open Recreation” we can charge less than the traditional Before and After School program which is based on total family income and instead charge only what it takes to partially cover the costs of staffing the program.

Why does it cost more than the membership to transport kids from school to the Youth Center ($400 transportation cost on top of the $300 membership fee)?

The vehicles used to transport children are operated with NAF funds, which cost ~$30K a year to include staffing expenses, maintenance, fuel, etc. Transportation fees collected are only intended to offset those expenses.

Is there a plan for more participation and more emphasis for sports programs? There is currently little community involvement and nothing in the base paper.

The youth sports director is working with the FSS Marketing team to increase visibility for the youth sports program to include upcoming articles in the base newspaper. We are always looking for parent participation and volunteerism to grow our programs and keep them viable. If you would like more information please contact the Youth Center directly.

Is there any way to re-evaluate the times for youth programs such as ballet, etc.? Currently programs are offered during the day while parents are at work. Is it possible to offer a class after work in the evening hours?

Instructional classes are typically based upon the contractor’s availability. A parent survey is being developed to determine the additional needs of the community.

For the Parent Advisory Board, who can be on the board, how do we sign up, and what is the criteria to be on the board?

1 November 2016 were the PAB elections. We encourage and always welcome parent participation at the quarterly meetings. The PAB has a parent information board within each of the programs and they are always soliciting assistance.

Is it possible to offer Give Parents a Break during the evening hours rather than from noon-5pm?

Currently Give Parents A Break is scheduled on Saturday in order to meet staffing and ratio requirements. Staff volunteer to work the program and if the program is offered in the evening the majority of the staff will have already worked a full 8 hours.

Is there a standardized process for staff members in rooms to effectively communicate to parents concerns/potential behavioral concerns? (I.e. One caregiver will tell my husband our son has behavioral problems that should be elevated to a specialist but when I ask the second caregiver in the room, they don’t know anything about that.)

Staff have pass along logs in the classrooms to help facility communication. Staff are trained on communication, confidentiality, and professionalism. If there is a behavior concern parents will be asked to attend a parent conference to discuss the issues and to help develop strategies. Staff have been retrained on the correct procedures to be used.

Is there a way to improve communication to parents? I don’t know who my child’s teachers are. I’ve asked care givers who my child’s room lead is and the staff doesn’t seem to know how to respond.

Classroom staff typically remain the same; however several of the Leads are leading multiple classrooms due to the loss of APF positions. Classroom staff are aware of the Lead for their classroom. Room Leads name and rooms they are leading and are posted on the family information board in the lobby.

There are several families here who homeschool. Any way to offer additional programs to supplement?

Homeschoolers are always welcome and currently use the youth center on Friday mornings. They are also welcome to participate in all youth programs and events. Please contact the Youth Center or find us on for more information.

Any plans for the indoor pool to offer swim lessons this winter?

The pools are operated by Outdoor Recreation (ODR). ODR has been without a swimming instructor for several months. The good news is that we now have 2 instructors and lessons are being organized to start in January.

Regarding training/certifications, what makes someone trained? And can it be displayed in the classrooms?

The AF and Department of Defense have very strict training guidance for staff. Each staff member has an individual training plan which is adjusted to meet their individual needs. Each staff member who has completed all of their training modules and CDA- Child Development Associate have their certificates located outside of their class room.

Why do we have to get “Give Parents a Break” applications from First Sergeants if the program is run through the CDC? Front desk said it had to be a hardship and they cannot give the application out…it had to come from a First Sergeant.

Give Parents A Break is an Air Force Aid Society operated and funded program which requires a referral from any First Sergeant or any helping agency. Child Development Center and Youth Program Managers can give out referrals to families in need.

How much influence does the School Liaison Officer have with the school so they can better understand the base/mission (i.e. Wednesday morning later start time and the impact it has on the military personnel).

Base partnership meetings are held monthly and the School Liaison Officer is in contact with the school as often as required and attends monthly School Board Meetings which are open to the public. School Liaison Officer relays base/mission issues and this productive relationship has influenced school decisions.

What options do we have for childcare support during those Wednesday morning late school starts? The CDC/School Age Program doesn’t offer a 1-day drop off option so do people have to pay for an entire week of care if they only need the 1 day?

The CDC/SAP now offers hourly care for parents on a space available basis. Parents can contact the programs for additional information.

Is funding set aside for volunteer coaches training?

Yes, all coaches receive AF specified training that is paid for by Youth Programs.

“Give Parents a Break” – is this available to Sailors and Marines too?

Since Give Parents A Break is funded by AF Aid Society it is only open to active duty AF personnel. However, if other branches of services are interested in the program they can contact FSF Flight Chief.